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Welcome to Christina’s Brazilian Sugaring

We offer the art of sugaring

We Specialize in the Hand Ball method of Sugaring!

We are a group of women who want to empower other human beings to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. If you want to remove your hair, we can help!

No strips or burning. Everything is done with the handball method. I have been sugaring for over five years and am very confident in my abilities. We have amazing Sugaristas (all trained by me), Shannon and Susanna, who have experience and professionalism that will make you feel so comfortable.

We love building relationships with our clients.

Come see us! We can’t wait to meet you! We will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, and hair free!

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What is Sugaring?

Sugaring has been around for thousands of years.  It originated in Egypt and spread to the surrounding areas.

The feeling was that being hairless was the symbol of youth and beauty. 

Wax strips started in the 1960s, but I love that the safest, more painless, and best results come with the more natural form of sugaring.

Some places use hot sugar and wax strips to remove it, I DO NOT. I use the hand ball method by holding some sugar in my hand, rubbing the sugar in the opposite direction of the growth, and pulling it off in the direction of the growth (this causes a lot fewer ingrown than traditional waxing.)

The sugar paste has no harsh chemicals and is made up of only sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Sugaring vs. Waxing

• Sugaring is completely Organic Friendly
• Won’t burn skin
• Only adheres to dead skin
• Removes Hair in direction of hair growth
• Eliminates most Ingrown Problems
• Lasts Longer
• Better for Sensitive Skin
• Less Painful

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What They Say

Omg, what an amazing first experience getting sugared but chatted with what felt like a friend I’ve known forever. Shannon is so personable, and Carrie’s such great conversation that you don’t feel any pain. Shanon was so understanding and made you feel so comfortable, I will recommend her to everyone. I can’t wait to come back and catch up next time!!” ~ Nicole M. 

Katya was absolutely amazing! Very good conversation and made me feel very comfortable! Highly highly recommend. My first vajacial and it was amazing!” ~ Ciara H. 

This was my First time having a bikini sugaring. Susanna did an amazing job. She made me feel comfortable and is extremely nice and professional. I will definitely be going back.” ~ Vanessa F.

I have been going to Christina’s Brazilian Sugaring for about a year so far. I always see Keara. At our first appointment Keara immediately made me feel comfortable, she has a down to earth, sweet and professional attitude. She is not only amazing at waxing but she knows how to distract you by striking up a conversation. I honestly can not say enough about how great she is all around.” ~ Angela B.