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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a hair removal method that uses natural ingredients (sugar, water and lemon juice) made into a caramel paste. We use the hand ball method of sugaring to manipulate the hair and pull it out by the root! It is 100% natural and Hypoallergenic and it’s not hot so it won’t burn you!
After sugaring your hair growth is much different then when you are shaving! It comes back thinner, softer and lighter. After a few sessions most people notice an overall reduction in the amount of hair growth that they previously had! So what are you waiting for?

Does Sugaring Hurt?

Any time you are pulling hairs out by the roots it’s going to hurt a bit. Most of our clients return every 4 to 5 weeks. That really keeps the pain to a minimum. Definitely take an anti- inflammatory 30 minutes prior, it will help and lot and your Sugarista will keep you entertained so the time will pass quickly and you are going to Loooooove the results!

Can I get Sugared on my period?

Absolutely! It does not bother us at all! The only requirement is that you wear a tampon. Be aware that it might me a little more sensitive during this time (same for when you are ovulating).

Can I get Sugared while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Again, just be aware that it will be more sensitive when you are pregnant. A lot of people find us when they are pregnant (it’s hard to see down there during that time!).